Increase Recognition Among Attendees

2018FiberConnect_ExhibitHall_2.pngMany a la carte sponsorship opportunities are offered on a first-come, first-served basis. Contact our sales team to learn more about these great offerings, and to claim yours today!


Conference Mobile App SOLD!
$12,000 (member) | $14,000 (non-member)
Highlight your company and your brand on graphics in the conference mobile app. In 2019, the app was downloaded over 700 times, and our sponsor banner was the first thing attendees saw each time they opened the app. This is an opportunity you can’t afford to miss!

Staircase Wrap SOLD!
$10,000 (member) | $12,000 (non-member)
Promote your company on the staircase wrap that attendees will see as they get from the general session to the other session rooms and expo hall.

Staircase Branding One Available
$7,000 (member) | $9,000 (non-member)
Claim this sponsorship opportunity located in the registration foyer on this highly visible staircase.

Floor Decal Directionals
$6,000 (member) | $8,000 (non-member)
Lead attendees to the conference area with ten 2'x2' personalized floor decals. Your branding will show attendees how to get from their hotel room to the conference area. View a sample.

Aisle Markers SOLD!
$6,000 (member) | $8,000 (non-member)
Become the official sponsor of our aisle signage, and see your brand featured on the markers attendees will rely on to navigate the expo hall. View a sample.

Footprint Decals To Your Booth
$5,000 (member) | $7,000 (non-member)
Lead attendees from the expo hall entrance straight to your booth with your company’s logo or message on footprint decals.

Flag Post Banners Four Available
$1,250 (member) | $3,250 (non-member)
As attendees make their way to the conference area, be one of the first brands they see as you lead them on their way. View a sample.

Travel Phone Charger
$8,000 (member) | $10,000 (non-member)
Keep attendees connected via your branded phone chargers that will be placed into the attendee bags.

Charging Lounge Two Available
$7,000 (member) | $9,000 (non-member)
Get your brand in front of attendees as they take a moment to sit and repower their electronic devices. This lockable charging station will be placed in a high-traffic area for attendees. Sponsors can brand the lounge and leave marketing collateral for attendees to puruse.

$7,000 (member) | $9,000 (non-member)
Ensure your company is top of mind throughout the conference. Your company logo will be highly visible on the badges worn by attendees every day.

Tote Bags SOLD!
$10,000 (member) | $12,000 (non-member)
This premium item is given to all attendees and carried throughout the Fiber Connect adorned with your company logo.

Tote Bag Inserts Six Available
$1,500 (member) | $2,500 (non-member)
Insert a promotional piece into every tote bag to get your brand in the hands of every attendee. Possible pieces include key chains, hand sanitizer, mobile device cleaning cloths, and more!

Hotel Key Card SOLD!
$7,000 (member) | $9,000 (non-member)
Put your company’s name right in attendees’ hands by showcasing your logo or graphics on the Gaylord Palm's guest room key cards. View a sample.

Exhibitor Showcase Grab-And-Go
$4,000 (member) | $6,000 (non-member)
Be part of the expo hall reception on Tuesday evening! Sponsor company staff will wear company-provided t-shirts (optional) and distribute your provided item to all attendees walking through the entrance at the opening of the expo hall. Item must be pre-approved by the Fiber Broadband Association.

Light Box  Five Available
$3,000 (member) | $5,000 (non-member)
Create your company advertisement to include on an illuminated light box with 4’ x 3’ panels to catch attendees’ eyes in a prominent location in the conference area. View a sample.

Note: Only companies spending in excess of $10,000 on their conference sponsorship will have their logo placed on conference signage.


Contact our sales team for more information.
Sponsor our Fiber After-Party, the hottest event of the conference! This exclusive event requires attendees to pick up tickets at your booth, guaranteeing increased traffic. 

Expo Hall Welcome Reception
$10,000 (member) | $12,000 (non-member)
Join us in welcoming attendees by sponsoring the grand opening of the expo hall! This is an ideal opportunity for companies who want to make a “big splash,” and includes high visibility throughout the event. Includes the opportunity to hand out a branded item the first hour of the reception as attendees enter the hall and 50 drink tickets to hand out to attendees! 

Reception Booth Bar
$5,000 (member) | $7,000 (non-member)
Drive potential customers your way by placing a bar (with bartender) in your booth during the Tuesday evening reception. This sponsorship includes signage and branded cocktail napkins. Includes 200 drink tickets to hand out to attendees and drive traffic to your booth.

In-Expo Meeting Room Four Available
$8,000 (member) | $10,000 (non-member)
Hold private meetings with your customers throughout the day with a hard wall in-expo 10' x 20' carpeted meeting room. The meeting room includes a branded sign for identification, five chairs, and one conference table. View a sample.

Exhibit Hall Lunch
$5,000 (member) | $7,000 (non-member)
Sponsor the exhibit hall lunch on Tuesday. Your logo and booth number will be placed on signage and napkins, driving traffic to your booth during this popular gathering time. Have the opportunity to make an announcement to attendees as they enjoy their lunch.

Refreshment “Spa” Break
$5,500 (member) | $7,500 (non-member)
Give attendees a “spa-like” treatment and gain visibility during one of our refreshment breaks! We will serve snacks and infused water with your company prominently promoted on napkins and signage. You will also have the opportunity to distribute company collateral.

Beverage Ticket Packages
$500 for 25 / $700 for 50 (member) | $750 for 25 / $950 for 50 (non-member)
Pre-order beverage tickets to distribute to your customers during our receptions! Tickets can be purchased in packs of 25 and 50.

Sponsored Meal Sessions
Lunch or Dinner: $6,000 + expenses* (member) | $8,000 + expenses* (non-member)
Breakfast: $5,000 + expenses* (member) | $7,000 + expenses* (non-member)
Sponsor a 90-minute educational session for Fiber Connect attendees. Includes opportunity to present during the meal and have sponsor-supplied collateral in session room. The Fiber Broadband Association will send two invitations to select attendees (sponsor must provide email) and include the sponsor logo on signage outside of the room.

*Expenses include, but are not limited to, food and beverage, marketing collateral, and additional signage.

Booth Cart Four Available
$5,000 (member) | $7,000 (non-member)
Host a food cart in your booth on Tuesday for attendees to enjoy during three hours of the expo hall. Choose from popcorn, specialty coffee, or a sweet treat. Logo recognition on signage and napkins, and one push notification included.


Thought Leadership Package Limited quantity; email for availability.
$7,500 (member) | $9,500 (non-member)
Be a Fiber Connect Thought Leader! Your sponsorship includes:

  • One 30-minute Expo Theater presentation with session title listed in the conference guide
  • Opportunity to provide one industry-related whitepaper or thought leadership article to conference attendees via email
  • One pre-conference email to attendees promoting your Expo Theater presentation OR one post-conference email to attendees following up on your presentation topic
  • Two social media posts promoting your session (one pre-conference, one during conference)
  • Mobile app push notification promoting your session

Webinar Presentation
$2,000 (member) | $4,000 (non-member)
Provide a 30- to 45-minute presentation and we’ll handle logistics and marketing! If you select this option, we will contact you with more information. Our live webinar presentations throughout the year are open to members and non-members alike. The webinar is then stored in our resource library for members only access.

Expo Theater Presentation Limited quantity; email for availability.
$2,000 (member) | $4,000 (non-member)
Introduce your latest product or solutions during a 30-minute presentation in the expo hall. We supply the screen, projector, and microphone, and we promote your presentation to attendees in the conference guide and via signage.


Conference Guide Advertisement
$2,000 full page / $1,000 half page (member) | $3,000 full page / $2,000 half page (non-member)
Include your advertisement in the conference guide.

Pre-Conference Email: Fiber Broadband Association Members Three Available
$2,000 (member) | $3,000 (non-member)
Reach Fiber Broadband Association members directly via our dedicated email blast service, up to one (1) month before the conference.*

Pre-Conference Email: Fiber Connect Attendees Three Available
$1,500 (member) | $2,500 (non-member)
Reach registered attendees directly via our dedicated email  blast service, up to ten (10) days before the conference.*

Post-Conference Email Five Available
$2,000 (member) | $3,000 (non-member)
Reach registered attendees directly via our dedicated email blast service, up to ten (10) days after the conference.*

Fiber Connect Website Sidebar Banner Three Available
$1,500 (member) | $2,500 (non-member)
Advertise on with a branded sidebar rotating banner. Attendees visit the event website to register, view the schedule, plan their travel, and prepare for the event.  Banner will be posted January-June. View a sample.


* Note: Message subject to approval. The Fiber Broadband Association will send all messages on behalf of sponsors.



Kathy Sveen
+1 312-673-5635