Third Annual NG-PON2 Council Workshop

NG-PON2: The Solution to a Converging Worldlogo.png

Sunday, June 11 | 1:00 pm - 6:30 pm
Gaylord Palms Resort | Orlando, Florida
Organized by NG-PON2 Council

This half-day workshop presents NG-PON2 technology advantages and readiness that you can use to deploy your next generation access networks. Take advantage of this opportunity to hear from leading component and system vendors, as well as network operators, as they share their insights on the latest technologies, applications, use cases, and deployments related to NG-PON2.

1:00 pm - 1:10 pm Introduction and Welcome
Presented by:
  • Heather Burnett Gold, President and CEO, Fiber Broadband Association
  • Bernd Hesse, Chairman, NG-PON2 Council; Sen. Director Technology Development, Calix
1:10 pm - 1:55 pm

Segment 1: Market Update
Moderated by Bernd Hesse, Chairman, NG-PON2 Council

The following presentations will be delivered during this segment. Click on the titles to learn more!

Market Overview: FTTH Global Perspective - Lessons to be Learned

Presented by Roland Montagne, Principal Analyst, IDATE

NG-PON2 Standards Update

Presented by Robert Balsamo, Vice President, Product Strategy, Calix

2:00 pm - 3:30 pm

Segment 2: Component Market
Moderated by Robert Conger, Carrier Strategy, AVP Technology Group, ADTRAN

Component vendors in the passive and optical space will present on the challenges and innovations. The focus is on the requirements from network operators that are driving the standards developments. The following presentations will be delivered during this segment. Click on the titles to learn more!

Optimizing Passive Component Deployment for NG-PON2

Presented by Timothy Badar, Managing Director of PLM, Connectivity & Passive Optical Components, GoFoton

To achieve the lowest possible total cost to deploy, maintain & operate the wavelength management required for NG-PON2 networks, a smart approach to incorporating the passive optical components with the connectivity layer is required in addition to an innovative design for the active optics with tunability.  By integrating passive DWDM filters into an ultra-high density connectivity management system, fiber network operators will be able to reduce the overall space required, improve installation times, and ensure the quality of the network deployment.

Overview of the NG-PON2 Passive and Optical Components

Presented by Andrew J. Stark, Senior Staff Scientist, Adtran

This session covers the key technologies and innovation ongoing in the NG-PON2 optical ecosystem.

NG-PON2 Components Update

Presented by Hal Roberts, System Engineer and Architect, Calix

The biggest challenge for NG-PON2 TWDM optics has been costs that are many times higher than GPON optics. Optical vendors have responded to the challenge of making more cost effective TWDM optics with a wide variety of approaches. The challenges of TWDM optics and cost effective solutions will be examined.

On the Ignition Process of NG-PON2

Presented by Francisco Rodrigues, CEO, Picadvanced/UA

By following the specialized media news and lab trials from different operators is it easy to understand that NG-PON2 is igniting in 2017. PICadvanced accounts to be one of the sparks to help the NGPON2 ignition and will overview in this presentation the steps solutions in hands and roadmap to help NG-PON2 success. A summary on the technical challenges of Symmetric/Asymmetric Type A with both Class 2 and 3 tuning time will be given. PICadvanced tackle on the problems arose will be presented as well as the results of our first batches of ONU NG-PON2 XFP. The path trailed by PICadvanced toward successful productization and commercialization will also be presented. Added capabilities and cost reduction will be assessed through the presentation of our timeline towards PIC based transceivers implementation for NG-PON2.

NG-PON2 ONU Optic Solution and Beyond

Presented by Ben Hur Senior Managing Director, Lightron Inc.

The development of engineering Samples of ONT which could be applied to 10G/2.5G, 10G NG-PON2 has been recently completed, and a series of interoperability tests are underway to judge the market suitability. In this presentation, we are announcing the characteristics of the developed products that is focused on securing the mass production competitiveness using the ‘Thermally Controlled DML Laser’ technology based on the SFP+ Form factor as well as the future-oriented development plan at Lightron for the optic solution of NG-PON2 products and beyond.

Low-Cost Coherent Detection for NG-PON2

Presented by Jesper Beyensee Jensen, CTO and Founder, Bitfrost Communications

The optical power budget and transmission distance requirements of NG-PON2 poses a tremendous challenge on the optical components. This presentation will discuss how Bifrost Communications' low-cost implementation of coherent detection can help relieve many of these requirements.

3:45 pm - 5:15 pm

Segment 3: Ecosystem Overviews
Moderated by Diana Alison, Editor UBB 2020

Vendors will present their individual NG-PON2 solution offerings and capabilities to manage capacities of 40 Gbit/s by exploiting multiple wavelengths at dense wavelength division multiplexing channel spacing and tuneable transceiver technology. The following presentations will be delivered during this segment. Click on the titles to learn more!

Next-Generation ONUs

Presented by Navid Ghazisaidi, Chief Architect and Director of Systems and Technology, Cambridge Industries

Learn about CIG's activies around NG-PON2, ONUs and optics, including challenges, progress, and a status update.

Building Scalable SDN-Controlled NGPON2 Access Systems

Presented by Robert Conger, Carrier Strategy, AVP Technology Group, ADTRAN

Learn how modern technologies like SDN and NFV are being applied to NG-PON2 to deliver highly scalable broadband access systems.

NG-PON2: More Than Just a New Technology!

Presented by Teresa McGaughey, Director, Solution Marketing, Calix

Explore new and unique applications that NG-PON2 enables, and the network architectures and solutions that make it happen.

NG-PON2 Technology

Presented by Ronald Heron, Fiber To The Home Technologies, CTO Team, Nokia

Learn about market and technology trends for the next generation PON. This presentation will cover drivers for fibre network upgrades, first services and applications that will make use of 10G speeds and give an overview and brief explanation of next generation technologies.

Qualifying and Troubleshooting NGPON2 Networks

Presented by Jon Lundberg, PLM for Fiber Optic Field Test Systems, Viavi

This presentation will cover techniques and test tools to support deployment, service activation and maintenance of an NGPON2 network.

NG-PON2: Converged Access for 5G Transport

Presented by Michael Gronovius, Director Business Development, Ericsson

This presentation will review the 5G market and use case needs and discuss how NG-PON2 is positioned to meet these requirements. Focus will be given to the different interface requirements based on emerging 5G standards and discuss where NG-PON2 will play a role in converged transport.

5:30 pm - 6:30 pm

Segment 4: NGPON2 Integration and Applications
Moderated by Stephen Hardy, Editorial Director and Associate Publisher, Lightwave

Leading operators will provide their view for choosing NG-PON2 as their next step in FTTx PON deployment. Learn about integration of NGPON2’s and the match to support their bandwidth-intensive applications of today and tomorrow. The following presentations will be delivered during this segment. Click on the titles to learn more!

Lessons Learned from PON Deployments: A Verizon Perspective

Presented by Vincent O'Byrne, Director of Technology, Verizon

This presentation provides a background as to the evolution path that Verizon is choosing for its BPON and GPON platforms and the drivers for that choice.

The First NG-PON2 Field Trial: What It Is and Why We Do This?

Presented by ChoongBok Lee, Distinguished Member of Technical Staff, South Korea

Learn about the latest updates on the first NG-PON2 trial in South Korea.

Drivers of NG-PON2 for Next Generation Mobile Fronthaul

Presented by Hirotaka Nakamura, Senior Research Engineer, NTT Access Network Service Systems Laboratories

Drivers of NG-PON2 for the 5G mobile fronthaul and NTT's activities are introduced. The system cost, the system performance, migration scenarios, and so on, will be presented from the operator's view.